Help Desk

Our IT help desk is through 360 Smartnetworks. You can open a help desk ticket by doing one of the following:

  • Call (770)518-7087
  • Email
  • Use the desktop app on your toolbar by clicking on the up arrow on the lower right side of your screen, in the pop-up, click on the orange 360 logo, and then on “Create Service Ticket”
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IT Support & Wireless Access:

IT Support & Wireless Access:

IT services and support are provided to Harrington Group by 360 Smart Networks. If you have any computer (hardware or software) issues – including after hours and weekends – please contact 360 Smart Networks directly. Please refer to the 360 Smart Networks Information Card for instructions on how to contact them for assistance.

If you have a guest that needs to access the HGI wireless network, please refer to the Wireless Access Settings (Atlanta Guests) information sheet. 

Mitel: How to Install

Configure your office phone

Connect Desktop Software Install

For additional training on the use of the Mitel Connect software, please look at the following links:

Mitel Mobility Smart Phone App Setup and Dashboard

Passwords: How to Change Remotely

Passwords: How to Change Remotely

  1. While you're connected to the VPN, press Ctrl+Alt+Del, choose change password, then enter the old one and your new one twice; click the arrow to continue, then it will tell you the password was reset. Click OK here.
  2. Before doing anything else, press Ctrl+Alt+Del again, then choose Lock, or simply hit the Windows key + L to directly lock your computer.  Once locked, click your mouse or hit any key on your keyboard to bring up the login prompt.  Enter your new password to unlock the PC. This caches the new credential for use off the VPN. 
  3. After this is complete, Outlook on your PC and email on your phone or other devices will prompt you for your password like normal; just use the new password you just created to sign in.