I thFriday, Phil 2014ought it would be fun to share insight from a few of our fire protection engineers and consultants about the most rewarding aspect of their career. Let’s find out what they had to say!

Phil Friday, Principal and Senior Fire Protection Engineer, with Harrington Group for over 13 years:  Debunking code myths and helping clients find practical and cost effective solutions to fire protection and life safety issues.

Jim TutenJim Tuten, Senior Fire Protection Technician, with Harrington Group for over 10 years:  I am personally rewarded when I hear from a contractor that , “no one else makes us do it that way” for a simple code requirement. This confirms my belief that we are providing a superior product to our clients. There is a high level of respect in the industry for the consistent quality that we bring to a project for our clients and I am proud to be a part of it.

Fuqua, Angie 2015Finally, here’s what Angie Fuqua, Senior Property Loss Control / Fire Protection Engineer, and the newest addition to Harrington Group had to say:  The most rewarding aspect of being a fire protection engineer is the opportunity to advocate for my clients in their interactions with other stakeholders.

Clients are sometimes caught in the middle of competing stakeholders from insurance companies, local fire officials, and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) with different ideas about the best approach to address a particular issue.

There are always many ways to reach a solution to the same problem, with varying costs and varying amounts of disruption and inconvenience to the client. The best approach in a given situation depends on what is most important to the client. Is it minimizing cost? Minimizing disruptions? Avoiding in-rack sprinklers?

Harrington Group defines its Core Purpose this way:  To create an atmosphere of client intimacy and deliver results that consistently exceed the client’s own expectation of value through the application of creativity, innovation, and technical excellence.

As such, Harrington Group strives to cultivate close relationships with our clients and have intimate knowledge of their unique needs so we can satisfy them to a high degree by virtue of our close relationship with them.

I am new to Harrington Group, but the Core Purpose and Core Values of the firm are exactly what drew me here. For 21 years, I’ve been working in fire protection, and I have always been focused on developing close relationships with my clients, understanding their unique needs, offering real world solutions with alternative approaches, and advocating for them with other stakeholders.

There is something very rewarding about finding the best total solution for a client, and bringing the various stakeholders together to implement that solution for the good of the client. It doesn’t get more rewarding than that!

I hope you enjoyed learning about what makes our fire protection engineers and consultants tick. We’re interested in what you have to say, too. Tell us about the most rewarding aspect of your career in the comment section below!