Fire Protection Engineering Firm Harrington Group
The HGI team celebrating together at the firm’s 30th anniversary

We are actively looking for fire protection engineers here at Harrington Group to fill the following positions at our Atlanta office:

  • Associate Project Manager
  • Fire Protection Engineer/Consultant
  • Property Loss Control Engineer/Consultant

You can check out the full job descriptions here, and for more information on what it’s like to work for Harrington Group, we decided to go straight to the source.

Here’s what a few of our fire protection engineers/consultants had to say about the work they do as part of Harrington Group’s growing team of experts.

What’s the most challenging part of being a fire protection engineer?

Fire protection engineers (FPEs) have to be quite knowledgeable in various areas. The obvious are those areas more commonly thought about when considering fire protection, such as fire sprinkler and alarms, but FPEs also commonly have the most comprehensive grasp on applicable codes – and not just fire code issues – they should be intimately aware of building codes and how they impact designs and other architectural and engineering disciplines. FPEs should also have some level of awareness regarding mechanical and electrical systems, as many fire protection systems depend on, or interface with, such systems (e.g., smoke exhaust). Fire protection engineers have to be cognizant of many different types of codes, systems, perspectives, etc., and this reality makes being a fire protection engineer challenging, but also very rewarding. – Nolan McCarthy, Fire Protection Engineer at HGI for 3 years

One of the greatest challenges I face is the breadth of knowledge that falls under the umbrella of fire protection engineering. Trying to maintain a working knowledge of this multi-faceted discipline can be difficult. This is one of the great benefits of working at Harrington Group – there is always an expert in a given area that you may need assistance in just a quick phone call away to a coworker. Our community is one of the things that I think makes Harrington Group such an amazing place – everyone, including the owners, is so accessible and friendly. This is in contrast to the larger companies I’ve worked for in the past. – Matt Isaacs, Fire Protection Engineer at HGI for 10 months

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering a career in fire protection engineering?

There are several different career paths you can take as a fire protection engineer, and consulting is just one of them. If you want to be a consultant, I’d recommend that you pursue your M.S. in fire protection engineering while working for a fire protection consulting firm, if you have the opportunity. It will make it a lot easier to apply what you’re learning in a practical manner while it’s fresh in your mind. – Matt Connolly, Fire Protection Consultant at HGI for 3 years

Understand that it’s a very broad industry. Do some research through applicable schools and other organizations and think about what you feel you would enjoy. Then chart a path to get there, but know that you have options. Don’t be afraid to change course after you set out on a certain path if you feel it’s not a fit for you—the fire protection industry is vast, but short on people. – Nolan McCarthy

Do it! The field is interesting and constantly evolving. The need for competent FPEs is tremendous. – Matt Isaacs

What have you learned since joining the team at HGI?

What haven’t I learned? Being around people like Jeff, Jim, Dale, and Phil has been awesome. Each has a different perspective and all are great at what they do, both technically and how they handle the non-technical side of the industry (e.g. client relations). I’ve grown technically by being around the HGI people and by being exposed to the various types of projects we deal with at our firm.  – Nolan McCarthy

When I joined HGI, I had just earned my master’s degree in fire protection engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, but had very little practical experience in fire protection engineering, so there’s been no shortage of learning. Since then, I’ve become much more versed in working under tight deadlines, developed into a more independent thinker, and I’ve made a conscious effort to improve my technical writing skills. – Matt Connolly

I have learned a tremendous amount since joining HGI almost a year ago. My proficiency in field managing testing is greatly improved. – Matt Isaacs

Fire Protection Engineers Taking Time Out
HGI ire protection engineers and consultants taking a minute to snap a photo at our TopGolf outing

What’s your best memory with HGI?

From a work standpoint, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of teams that have developed fire tests, which were then performed at UL [a global company that provides testing, certification, inspection, advisory services, auditing and analytics], and have since impacted some of the fire protection designs we’ve employed. Witnessing a successful test is always fun. From a non-work standpoint, HGI makes a point of getting out of the office and doing group activities. Our last event was a group golf outing at TopGolf—always a good time! – Matt Connolly

My best memory with HGI is at the 30th anniversary celebration. Getting to see Jeff and others reflect on where the firm has come from and all the people that have made it what it is was really inspiring as I now have a role in that. – Matt Isaacs

If you’re interested in working for one of the nation’s premier fire protection engineering firms – Submit your resume today!