The 17th annual Suppression, Detection, and Signaling Research and Applications (SUPDET) symposium has been happening all week in Orlando. This year’s program has been addressing the latest on topics including:

  • Detection research including cooking fire detection research, strategies to address unwanted alarms, and detection of wild land fires;
  • Sprinkler protection strategies including lithium ion batteries; and
  • Clean agent technology research

I’ve been attending all week and am excited to moderate this morning’s session regarding clean agents, where I will be responsible for introducing each speaker and leading the question & answer sessions for each segment. Today’s clean agent sessions include such topics as the use of the inert gas Inergen in historic buildings; Class C clean agent testing using external energy augmentation, and a case study performance based sustainable Halon system replacement for a critical military jet engine test facility.

The Fire Protection Research Foundation has a blog so that you can follow everything from this year at SUPDET.

By Jeff Harrington, CEO and Founder of Harrington Group, Inc.