Ying Zou
Ying Zou

Ying Zou wanted to be a firefighter. But opportunities for that career path were limited when she was growing up in China, so she studied mechanical engineering at Jilin University in Changchun. It wasn’t until she began researching graduate programs in the U.S. that she came across the field of fire protection engineering. 

“Firefighters are great because they are saving lives, protecting people and property,” Ying said. “And fire protection engineers serve the same purpose — they are designing fire protection systems to protect people and property.” 

Her background in mechanical engineering served as the perfect foundation to pursue fire protection, and she graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s master’s program in 2015. She has remained in the Boston area since then, working first as a fire protection contractor and then at engineering firms for six years designing sprinkler systems for high-rise hospitals, laboratories and commercial buildings. Now Harrington Group, Inc.’s newest senior fire protection engineer, Ying is happy to be part of a company that specializes in fire protection, and eager to build on her sprinkler expertise and developing skills around fire alarm, code consulting and performance-based design.

“I’m not just looking for a job that earns me a paycheck week by week,” she said. “I’m a lifelong learner who is looking for meaning and purpose from my work.”  

As an introvert who appreciates a quiet environment, Ying has found that working remotely suits her. When she isn’t in her home office, she enjoys gardening, hiking and indoor rock climbing.