, New Hire Spotlight: Lisa Ataiyan – Project Coordinator, Harrington Group Inc
Lisa (center) enjoying time with her family

Lisa Ataiyan has joined the Harrington Group, Inc. team, and is working from her home in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. She previously served as an Affluent Project Coordinator and Analyst for Wells Fargo, and will now be Team Northeast’s Project Coordinator! Before these roles, she worked in sports and entertainment promotions for Nike and Adidas, where she worked with many athletes, celebrities, designers, and producers.

About a year ago, Lisa and her husband moved to Minnesota from California to be closer to family. Now living only minutes away from their sons and grandchildren, she gets to enjoy endless time with them! She loves gardening, quilting, and teaching the grandkids how to sew—some of their current projects include doll dresses and pillowcases!

Family is such an important part of Lisa’s life, and mentioned, “HGI is now providing me with such a wonderful work/life balance, and is allowing me to spend so much more time with family. I’m not living to work anymore, but am now working to live. Plus, it’s fun and exciting and something different, but also something familiar just because I’ve been surrounded by the engineering part of it for a while now.”

Welcome to the team, Lisa!