, New Hire Spotlight: John Jeng – Senior Property Loss Control Consultant, Harrington Group Inc

Harrington Group, Inc. is excited to welcome John Jeng, Senior Property Loss Control Consultant, to our team! Before joining HGI, John worked for a global fire protection engineering company, gaining valuable expertise in his role. He later transitioned to become a corporate fire protection engineer for two Fortune 500 companies in the semiconductor and consumer products manufacturing industries.

John’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M and an MBA from the University of Houston. These qualifications have provided him with a strong foundation in engineering principles and business acumen, enabling him to excel in his career.

Throughout his professional journey, John has had the opportunity to travel extensively, exploring various regions across Asia, Europe, and the United States, which has allowed him to gain diverse perspectives in his field. His prior experience in the insurance and property loss control sectors has also provided him with a unique internal viewpoint. Having worked both inside manufacturing companies and alongside insurance companies, John brings a comprehensive understanding of the industry to our team.

When asked about his reasons for joining HGI, John expressed his excitement about working directly with clients on projects and contributing to problem-solving efforts. “Engineers in the insurance industry are often limited in the solutions that they can offer insureds, but HGI bridges that gap quite well.”

Outside of work, John resides in Frisco, Texas, where he cherishes spending quality time with his family. He is a dedicated husband and father to two daughters, and they even have a furry companion, a labradoodle. In his leisure time, John indulges in various hobbies, including working on home improvement projects, traveling, and skiing. His favorite skiing destinations include Washington, Colorado, and Wisconsin, where he can fully embrace his adventurous spirit.

Welcome to the team, John!