Harrington, Jeff 2014DULUTH, GA – November 6, 2007 – Jeffrey L. Harrington, P.E., FSFPE, President and CEO of fire protection engineering firm, Harrington Group, Inc., was a featured speaker at the Society for Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) professional development conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Mr. Harrington’s presentation was titled, “Gaseous Agents: Application to Special Hazards Fire Protection”. The presentation discussed the process of choosing the optimum gaseous agent fire suppression system to protect special fire hazards using an engineering-based selection method. It began by a review of new developments for gaseous agents, including clean agents and carbon dioxide, as well as the key characteristics that are associated with gaseous agents. The presentation went on to explain special fire hazards by examining several fire and fuel classifications and various characteristics of special hazards.

Next, the presentation reviewed the steps involved in using a performance-based engineering design methodology in order to choose the right gaseous agent fire suppression system. Steps included: definition of the scope, identification of goals, definition of objectives, performance criteria and fire scenarios, development of trial design, test of trial design, and selection of final decision. This design process is explained fully in “SFPE Engineering Guide to Performance-Based Fire Protection”, published by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

Mr. Harrington concluded the presentation by providing tips to choose the right gaseous agent fire suppression system. Mr. Harrington suggested gaining an understanding of the special fire hazard, the gaseous agent characteristics, and the goals of the key stakeholders involved. He also stressed the importance of using a performance-based engineering approach to develop the optimum solution.

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