DULUTH, GA — SEPTEMBER 5, 2003 — Jeff Harrington, President of Harrington Group, Inc. (Harrington Group), a fire protection engineering consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, was invited to join the Society of Fire Protection Engineers’ (SFPE) Public Awareness Committee.

Newly created by the SFPE Board of Directors, the Public Awareness Committee’s purpose is to increase both the demand for fire protection engineering services and the supply of engineers entering the profession. Mr. Harrington attended the inaugural Committee meeting held on August 27, 2003 in Baltimore, Maryland. Various long-range goals and strategies for reaching them were established. Task groups were then formed for each goal, to further develop the necessary objectives, tactics, and strategies for success.

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for November 2003. An action plan and budget for the next 12 months will be submitted to the Board of Directors for implementation beginning January 1, 2004. Harrington Group’s long-standing commitment to excellence in the field of fire protection engineering is further advanced by Mr. Harrington’s involvement with this committee.