We are excited to announce that Jeff Harrington, CEO and Founder of Harrington Group, Inc. has joined the technical panel for the Fire Protection Research Foundation’s research project concerning the use of gaseous suppression systems in high-airflow spaces. The goal of this research project is to explore the capabilities of gaseous suppression systems located within information technology and telecommunications facilities with high-air velocities. The research project will also help to identify knowledge gaps in order to help professionals implement more effective fire protection solutions for these spaces, as over the years, there have been dramatic changes in the equipment housed in these types of facilities. Because these changes have resulted in increased demands on the HVAC systems housed within technology and telecommunication facilities, engineered-airflow containment solutions are being introduced to enhance heat extraction and increase energy efficiency, which can create areas of high-air velocities within an increasingly obstructed equipment space. This can, in turn, impact the effectiveness of the fire suppression systems that are installed within these spaces.

Jeffrey L. Harrington, P.E., FSFPE, is a registered fire protection engineer with over 38 years of experience in fire protection design, property loss control, and code consulting. He is a frequent author and lecturer on a wide variety of fire protection engineering topics. Mr. Harrington is a nationally recognized expert in the field of fire protection and has received numerous awards for his contribution to that industry. He has been a Fellow in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers since 2006.

In addition to his most recent involvement with this research project with the Fire Protection Research Foundation, Mr. Harrington has served the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in a leadership capacity, currently serving as the Chairman of NFPA’s Technical Committee on Gaseous Extinguishing Agents, which is responsible for three NFPA standards:  NFPA 12, Carbon Dioxide Systems, NFPA 12A, Halon 1301 Fire Extinguishing Systems, and NFPA 2001, Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.