, Harrington Group, Inc. New Hire Spotlight: Chris Porto – Senior Fire Protection Engineer, Harrington Group Inc
Chirs Porto with wife, Aliesha and sons Owen and Calvin

Our newest senior fire protection engineer, Chris Porto, was introduced to the fire protection industry as a result of  timing. The Georgia native graduated from Auburn University in 2011 with a mechanical engineering degree, and upon joining a  design firm was immediately introduced to fire protection engineering due to the growing demand.

“I transitioned to that group immediately and was thrown into the deep end, but really enjoyed the work, and stuck with it,” he said, adding that while fire protection wasn’t initially on his radar, he’s glad he joined the field right out of school. “Since fire protection and mechanical engineering share a lot of the same core principles, the move was a lot easier”.   

Now nine years into his career, equipped with multiple certifications and a Master’s degree in fire protection engineering from the University of Maryland. Chris finds satisfaction in the technical challenges and problem-solving element of this work, plus the wide range of projects he gets to dig into. He finished graduate school at the University of Maryland with a Master’s in fire protection engineering in 2019, and since beginning with Harrington Group at the end of June has hit the ground running. He brings experience in failure analysis, litigation support and design consulting to our growing team.

In his free time, Chris can be found working on home improvement projects around the house with his wife. He also enjoys golf and outdoor activities like rock-climbing and kayaking, which he looks forward to teaching his two young sons when they get older.