Decrypting Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Fire Protection Analysis

Earlier this year, Phil Friday worked with Thunderhead Engineering’s Bryan Klein to pioneer a new IT strategy for running FDS and Smoke View in the Cloud. Thunderhead Engineering developed PyroSim, a graphical user interface…

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Commercial Fire Protection Engineering with PyroSim

When planning a unique structure, building designers may find their plans depart from certain building and fire code regulations. A small complication or oversight in code compliance can throw everything off schedule and…

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Enhancing FDS Analysis

New computing architectures allow sophisticated, powerful fire modeling simulations that are crucial for the future of fire safety.  However, the computing resources that are needed to use these tools has historically been…

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Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) and Smokeview (SMV) – Bringing Fire Analysis to Life

In the last 15 years, scientists and engineers have developed two powerful tools for fire modeling and visualizing the complex phenomenon that is fire: Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) and Smokeview (SMV). Together, they can help…

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How Can Computer Fire Modeling Help Fight Fires?

Click on the image to view an example of computer fire modeling Computer fire modeling uses complex mathematical tools to analyze the fire and life safety in buildings. Modern computer fire modeling is capable of many things,…

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What Can A Fire Protection Engineer Do To Help During a Fire Loss Investigation?

Fire protection engineers are a vital asset in fire loss investigations. With a broad range of expertise related to fire dynamics, building construction, codes and standards, and fire protection systems, few are better suited…

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Questions Attorneys Should Ask During A Fire Loss Investigation

In cases of fire loss investigation, many questions will come up. For example: What started the fire? Did the fire spread? What materials played a role? Did the fire protection systems work right? Was the building…

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AHJ Concessions With Hard Deadlines

Projects don’t always go as planned. Sometimes, they require last minute changes or approvals that were unforeseeable in the planning stages. In the tough times when meeting a deadline is critical, you find out who you can rely…

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How to Save Construction Costs Without Compromising Fire Safety

Last week’s blog, What If You Did Have A Fire Protection Engineer?, discussed how building owners, developers, architects, and project team engineers do not normally include a fire protection engineer early in the…

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Building Code Consultants Save Client $200,000!

The building code consultants at Harrington Group helped our client to achieve a variance to certain code requirements related to smoke and heat venting. Through active partnership with the client, we successfully negotiated…

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Life Safety Code Analysis Provides Cost-Effective Solution

We prepared a life safe code evaluation for the new Athletic, Recreation and Physical Education Complex at a major university in Georgia. This evaluation was necessary to allow the architect to utilize special provisions for…

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Computer Fire Modeling

Our client built a 710,000-ft2 build-to-suit distribution center in Kentucky leased to ultimately house automotive replacement parts. The facility contains several three-level hand pick racks. The top level is 20 ft. above the…

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