Fire Code Requirements for Rack Storage and Atriums

Did the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) over your project recently reject your design due to improper smoke control in your building? Do you need to calculate proper exhaust and convince the AHJ your structure will meet or…

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How Fire Protection Engineers Advocate for You with Your Industrial/Commercial Insurance Carrier

The world of a fire protection engineer is moving more quickly than ever before. Property insurance carriers are upgrading their compliance standards constantly. This affects everyone attached to commercial and industrial…

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How to Negotiate with Insurers on Fire Hazards

An insurance company’s success is partially due to their ability to reduce its exposure to risk. Fire hazards are one of the risks that a building owner would want insured. To provide a building owner with insurance in cases of…

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Unforeseen Challenges In Meeting Fire Codes

This is the conclusion of our three-part series on How Qualified Fire Code Consultants Can Help You Avoid Fire Code Problems. Several weeks after we submitted our report, thinking we were moving forward, our code consultants…

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Research That Can Help You Avoid Fire Code Problems

This is part 2 of our 3 part series of how How Qualified Fire Code Consultants Can Help You Avoid Fire Code Problems. Harrington Group’s code consultants began investigating the various elements of the indoor trampoline park…

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How Qualified Fire Code Consultants Can Help You Avoid Fire Code Problems

Recently, a couple of our code consultants were asked to venture into uncharted territory. A client in North Carolina was building an indoor trampoline park, and at that point, the state did not have any other such facilities.…

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Fire Protection Engineers Ensure Affordable Fire Safety Solutions

Americans have reiterated several versions of the NASA space pen story for years. The story claimed that NASA spent millions of dollars developing an “astronaut pen” which would work in outer space while the Soviets solved the…

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